The Katy high-rise Dallas


We recently went to check out The Katy Victory Park in Uptown Dallas. You may be thinking this is just another high-rise added to the skyline but this building is amazing! Coming from apartment locators who looks at apartments all day even we can say we would live here. From the moment you walk in residents are treated with luxury. Residents have a 24/7 concierge for all of their needs, 5 elevators which leads to a quick ride to your floor, and so much more!


We have to admit… This is the IT building in Dallas. Before this building opened its doors we were getting blown up with clients asking about this property. The location is perfect. Everyone wants to be “in Uptown” but this location is even better. It still has the Uptown location plus direct access to the Katy Trail but it also sits in Victory Park walking distance to the American Airlines Center. So if you are a fan of the Mavericks, Stars, or like to catch the occasional concert you’ll love this location. The location alone is a HUGE selling factor.


If you were looking for natural light, floor to ceiling windows, and skyline views this may be your winner. Everyone loves the high-rise lifestyle here in Dallas but being that the Katy sits on the outskirts of downtown you get an actual view of the skyline. Dallas’ skyline wasn’t rated one of the best skylines for no reason. And if you are already worrying about your electric bill with those windows don’t worry! The Katy includes solar blinds in all apartments. This not only helps your electric bill but also helps when you are trying to sleep in. Those floor to ceiling windows can be a blessing and a curse but not here at The Katy.


Yes, there’s more! You can go ahead and cancel your gym membership right now. This property has a HUGE 6,000 square foot gym. It’s seriously the biggest gym we have seen at an apartment building. They also have private workout rooms if you want to do your squats in private with out the gym creeps! Yogis, don’t think they forgot you. They’ve got you covered with free yoga classes.


The first of its kind in Dallas! Not only does this property have you sitting right on the Katy Trail which makes for a happy four legged friend but this property also has a 6,000 square foot rooftop dog park. The pet friendly amenity deck is equipped with a sanitation system which helps prevent the unpleasant smell while letting your fur baby out every day.


The Katy has a 6 floor gated parking garage attached to the building. That means plenty of space so you aren’t circling the garage late night trying to find parking at your own building. They also have private garages within the parking garage if you want to keep your car protected from all of the jerks swinging their doors open.

Added bonus, if you have any overnight guests the Katy doesn’t hate. They’ve got guest parking for you and your boo!


2 hot tubs, 2 pools, and 6 grills. Pool season is at this property is no joke!

Don’t think we didn’t peep game to the noise in the apartments themselves. We were informed all apartments do have concrete between each floor and between walls. Nothing is worse than meeting a nightmare neighbor after the lease is signed and the boxes are unpacked!

 Well there you have it. The Katy is a TOPNOTCH property in our book. Contact us for all of your apartment needs in Texas. We'd love to help you into this building or any others.  

Your Apartment Locator's Guide to Apartment Shopping!


Apartment hunting in the near future? Here are a few tips and tricks your apartment experts with TopNotch have put together. 


Schedule weekday tours if at all possible. Weekends are when everyone goes apartment shopping which means you usually wait to tour even with an appointment. Leasing offices are short staffed on the weekends which means the agents are usually in a rush to help each person and sometimes you miss key information because the leasing agent may have been in a rush. Weekday tours are usually more relaxed and the onsite team is usually less in a rush to get you in and out. Shorter office hours on the weekend is also a down fall. Shorter hours means you can’t view as many properties in one day. Look and lease specials are typically 24-48 hrs so view as many properties in one day to take advantage of specials. Another key piece of information is the last week of the month is a great time to apartment shop. It is “close out” and properties are trying to hit their leasing numbers which means SPECIALS.


Make sure to call ahead for pricing. Most properties are on computerized pricing system that changes frequently based on inventory. Some websites are up to date and you can determine this if it allows you to see the day the apartment is ready for move in and the unit number.  Ask to view the apartment first and amenities second. Do not fall in love with the property and overlook how the apartment might be too small or have an awful location. Use your smartphone! Take a picture of each property name first and video the apartment second. If you view multiple apartments in one day you may mix up which property had the apartment you loved.


  • What view will your apartment have?

Make sure you know where your windows are facing.  The direction you have will determine morning or afternoon sun which affects your utility bill.

  • What finish is in the apartment you are looking to lease?

Most apartments have multiple granite, cabinet, and flooring colors. Make sure you like the finish your apartment will have.

  • What location will your apartment have within the community?

Make sure you know how close parking is to your place. Grocery shopping is what to consider.  If you are near a trash shoot you may have a disturbing smell for yourself and guests if they do not maintain them. If you are a light sleeper being close to an elevator may not be the best. You will hear everyone come in and out of your hallway. The location of your apartment within your community could really make or break your experience.

  • What extra fees are on top of the rent?

Do they charge for parking, valet trash, amenity fees, pest control, trash, etc. Do not forget to ask. Sometimes when discussing leasing an apartment the base rent is the only number talked about. Make sure you do not have any hidden fees before submitting in your application.

  • What about parking for you and your guests?

Find out where parking is it located. It may be important to you if the parking is gated and covered. Make sure to factor in the distance of parking to your apartment. Also, don't forget about your guests. Most properties have some guest parking but if you end up living in the city some apartments do not have free guest parking. This can make having overnight guests a real pain. 

  • What are average utility costs?

The onsite team can usually tell you the average electric or water bill is in your size unit. Make sure to ask if your water is sub-metered or allocated. Try to find an apartment that has sub=metered because you are getting charged for what you actually use. Allocated water is calculated on your square footage and how many people live in the apartment. Allocated bills are usually more expensive because if you have someone in the building who uses a lot of water but lives in a small square footage the rest of the building makes up their costs. Don't forget to ask about electric bills. Find out if your building LEED certified or have any eco-friendly features. Energy efficient apartment buildings can have electric bills as low as $30 and other buildings can have you at $150 for the same square footage.


Federal Fair Housing laws dictate that properties have to offer the same deal to everyone but sometimes you can still find ways to negotiate. Depending on the occupancy of the building sometimes you can negotiate a couple weeks free, free storage, no pet rent, waive move in fees, etc. Properties usually cannot reduce your rent, however, they can sometimes give you a “move in special”. Specials can be prorated out during your lease to make rent cheaper. Ask if you can “self-prorate” the special or if you have to take it up front. Find out if you are on the “preferred employee” list. Most communities have a list of employers they can waive application fees, administration fees, and/or deposits for but you have to ask! Let the leasing agent know you have been looking at other places. They may even ask what the pricing or specials are at the other communities. This is usually an indicator that they may be able to negotiate a better deal.


Pricing is all computerized based off of supply and demand. This means pricing can change the second the leasing agent’s computer refreshes because inventory changed. Apartments also can now be leased online. Be aware someone else may be applying online when you are in the leasing office “thinking about it.” Be sure to always ask the leasing professional if they can give you a “quote” for the price. The quote guarantees the price for 24-48 hours even if the price changes in their system. Have the quote emailed to you for documentation.


Well there you have it! Moving season is upon us so if you are looking for a new apartment in Texas this year TopNotch would love to help. We can be your easy tool to find the best price, move in special, location, and building for what you are looking for. TopNotch Locating has great relationships with the onsite teams in your city so we are the first to know about specials. Plus, we are pretty knowledgeable too. Contact us for your free list of apartments in your area and use this guide to help you in your apartment search. 

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Best Bars at The Shops at Legacy


People used to only venture north of 635 for the occasional trip to Ikea or to cross the border for the casinos on the weekends. Now Far North Dallas is making a name for itself and its worth the trip- just ask Jerry Jones! Whether you’re a transplant from California working at the new North American Toyota headquarters or you’re taking a tour of the new Cowboys facilities in Frisco, the Shops at Legacy is now home to some of the most innovative bars in the area.

We’ve put together some of our topnotch faves!

– Henry’s Tavern: If you’re looking for a bar with an extensive beer selection from domestic gems including Red, Brown and Amber ales to fancy European specialties, Henry’s is your place. Grab a spot on the patio or play some pool. They even have your shuffle board during happy hour if you want to change it up. Make sure to try something from the bar menu like the Gorgonzola Waffle Fries or the Country Fried Calamari that’ll leave your taste buds happy and your wallet even happier.

– Scruffy Duffies: Want to relive your college bar hopping days but need to be able to “adult” the next day instead of nursing a hangover from cheap vodka? Scruffy Duffies is your place! A DJ and happy hour specials make this a crowded bar reminiscent of Thirsty Thursdays gone past without the fake IDs and red party cups.

– Del Frisco’s Grille: A social staple in Uptown has made its way up the Dallas North Tollway. A newer addition to the shops, Del Frisco’s Grille, is complete with a patio for optimal people watching, trendy cocktails, and sophisticated twists on American classics (order the Cheesesteak Eggrolls and thank me later). Happy Hour specials are a perfect pick-me-up after a long day at the office. The Sunday Brunch menu is a major upgrade from mimosas that won’t leave you with a headache three drinks in.

– Mexican Sugar: Patio plus Mexican food and Margaritas- need we say more!? Mexican Sugar is a busy Latin restaurant that boasts a “Tequila Library” and offers diverse food options like Squash Blossom Quesadillas and Cajeta French Toast on the brunch menu. If you’re looking to spice up your to go drink options, the Hibiscus Margarita or the Machete are house favorites.

– Pepper Smash: Noted as a “Cocktail Kitchen” and its use of liquid nitrogen in their drinks, Pepper Smash is a stylish bar with handcrafted cocktails and a full menu. Specialty drinks like the Cotton Candy Martini and the Thai Gin Fizz along with Chicken and Waffles for brunch, make this spot a must try while you’re out and about in Plano.

The Shops at Legacy is truly is a great place to go spend some time if you’re looking for bite or to just get a drink. Make sure to contact our team to find your next place to live. Search Dallas area apartments and have one of our locators assist you. The best part is our service is free!

Our apartment locators are experts and can even recommend the best place to live depending on your lifestyle. We look forward to guiding you.

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